ICT Services

Project 3.2 in the electric mobility showcase of Niedersachsen

ICT Services – Project Overview

Information and CommunicationTechnology Services

The electric mobility showcase "Schaufenster Elektromobilität Niedersachsen" in the Metropolregion Hannover · Braunschweig · Wolfsburg · Göttingen combines already existing and newly invented projects which focus on the use of electric vehicles and their integration into the entire mobility chain. ICT Services provides a variety of interoperable and networked services to the different showcase subprojects with their existing infrastructure (e.g. charging stations) and mobility services (e.g. electric cars or pedelecs). These intelligent ICT solutions are the basis for a user-friendly and meaningful use of electric mobility (e.g. cross-modal routing). ICT Services provides cross-modal, cross-regional services to users of electric mobility and providers of regional mobility services. An information and data platform which makes information of general interest available to other subprojects or third parties (e.g., statistics on the use of vehicles and charging stations) is also part of the ICT project. Supplemented by information of other subprojects, aggregated data on different showcase relevant topics can be prepared and used for the dissemination of results. In addition education and training opportunities will be cumulated and made available. ICT Services uses the platform structure and basic services (e.g. billing) of ICT platform (the sister project), and adds high-quality and application-related services. ICT Services and ICT platform are the central basis for other showcase projects which benefit from the provided services. Relevant data of all services is exchanged via standardized interfaces – a forward-looking approach that is flexible expandable and allows to use all services in the entire showcase area.

Duration of Project

January 2013 - December 2015


  • Provide value added services, which can be integrated in other showcase subprojects
  • Collect and provide data for accompanying research and statistical analysis
  • Provide information services

ICT Services is one of about 30 projects in the electric mobility showcase of Niedersachsen. It is funded with approx. 3.9 m euros by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology within the showcase initiative of the Federal Government.