ICT Services

Project 3.2 in the electric mobility showcase of Niedersachsen

Scope of the Services

The ICT-Services in detail:

More Access – Charging Point Reservation Service

Easy-to-use service for finding and booking charging points; in addition, disposability and status of the charging point will be shown. Moreover, e.g. in case of a defect, drivers will be advised to use an alternative charging point.

More Mobility – Intermodal Travel Information

This service offers a search engine for all mobility requests: The intermodal travel information considers all modes of transport – public transport, footpaths, bicycle, electric car and taxi.

More Real Time – Forecast for Public Rail Transport

The service offers an arrival time forecast for regional trains on the basis of location and operating data, e.g. for the determination of a reliable travel and arrival times in regional traffic.

More Personality – Personal Mobility Planning Assistant

This information and assistance service optimizes mobility planning by taking into account the customer’s preferences and adds ride-sharing options.

More for the Customer – Customer Analysis Service

Targeted marketing activities base on an integrated administration of customer and transaction data in one database, on which a CRM-system is built upon. Additionally, analytical functions are offered as well for the customer as for the mobility provider.

More from the Network – Internet at Charging Stations

Installation of WLANs at the charging points, which are especially designed for e-mobility applications. This public network will be available during the duration of the show case. Furthermore, the already existing WLAN infrastructure will be included.

More Range Security – Map and Range Service

Implementation of a map and location service that is tailored to the needs of electric vehicles. The service will allow optimized route calculation and determination of destinations reachable with the current state of the battery.

More Information – Mobile Apps

Within this service, a number of target groups and stakeholders will be given easy access to significant data about e-mobility, e.g. statistics on user behaviour.

More Competition – Certification and Standardization

Market success of new technologies is boosted by standards. Consequently, corresponding analyses are conducted and recommended actions for standardization deducted, in order to achieve broad acceptance of e-mobility.