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Project 3.2 in the electric mobility showcase of Niedersachsen

The showcase of Niedersachsen

The Federal Government of Germany has selected four so-called showcases which combine the most innovative elements of electric mobility and make them internationally visible in large-scale regional exemplification and pilot projects for three years.

In the showcase of Niedersachsen – coordinated by the metropolitan region Hannover · Braunschweig · Göttingen · Wolfsburg – with its slogan "Our horsepower becomes electric – e-mobility in Niedersachsen" the complete system vehicle ↔ energy & infrastructure ↔ traffic is considered. Electric vehicles only contribute to climate protection if the used energy is obtained from renewable energy sources and the possibilities of electric mobility are fully exploited by intelligent transport.

With the market introduction of electric vehicles attractive and customer-friendly solutions shall be created. Special emphasis is placed on the construction of infrastructure and the combination of electric vehicles with other means of transport.

In the period from January 2013 to December 2015 about 30 projects with more than 200 participants from industry, research, organisations and municipalities will be implemented in Niedersachsen.

You want more up-to-date information about the electric mobility showcase in Niedersachsen? Visit www.metropolregion.de/emobil (German only)