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Project 3.2 in the electric mobility showcase of Niedersachsen

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Regarding the electric mobility showcase

  • Electric mobility showcase – An initiative of the German Federal Government (German only)

    In April 2012 the federal government has selected four electric mobility showcases. Based on a resolution of the German parliament the research and development of alternative drive systems is funded in these showcases. In total the federal government funds the projects with 180 m euros. In the large-scale regional demonstration and pilot projects electric mobility will be tested at the interface of energy systems, vehicles and transport systems.


  • Niedersachsen’s electric mobility showcase (German only)

    The design of the electric mobility showcase in Niedersachsen was developed under the auspices of the metropolitan region since early summer 2011. Electric mobility was perceived as a complex issue that involves more than competitive cars – hence the metropolitan region also dedicated itself to topics like renewable energy and infrastructure.

    The effort resulted in about 30 projects, which are realised by more than 200 participants under the umbrella of the metropolitan region.


  • Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (German only)

    In the showcase projects the innovative developments regarding electric mobility are demonstrated and tested on a large-scale basis. Important insights into the use of electric vehicles in practice shall be gained by the program. Within the showcase projects electric mobility can be experienced by potential users as well as by the national and international public.


  • Federal Government (German only)

    Four ministries of the federal government are involved in the showcase program: the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development participating with 67 million euros each. The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear safety provides 25 million euros and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research 20 million euros.

    The federal government decided on 18th May 2011 to carry out the nationwide “Electric Mobility Showcase” as part of the governmental electric mobility program. The federal government acts on the suggestion of the national platform for electric mobility.